30 Day Whole Food "Clean" Eating Challenge



30 Day Whole Food

"Clean" Eating Challenge


Monday Nights November 4, 11, 18, 25 & Monday December 2nd

Do you want to kick start your progress, shrink your waistline and wake up with abundant energy?


Then this challenge is for you!


Have you been hearing about the benefits of "clean eating" but wonder how to realistically make it happen on your own?


I can help!


Join me for this exciting adventure.  


For 4 weeks you will receive the practical strategies and motivation you need to transition into eating whole, real and fresh food so that you can eliminate common foods that cause weight gain or allergies.


The 30 day whole food challenge is a fun and healthy opportunity to renew your digestive system, increase your energy and focus, and stop unwanted food cravings — with the support of a group & without feeling hungry.


Just Real, Wholesome Food!



  • 30 Day Whole Food “Clean” Eating Challenge Guide ($147)
  • Over 30 pages of Delicious Recipes ($17)
  • Shopping Guide includes what to eat and what not to eat ($97)
  • 30 Day Meal Planner Worksheet and Daily Checklist (priceless)
  • 2 week meal PLan with shooping list and recipes ($147)
  • 30 Day Intentions and Self Care Action Sheet (priceless)
  • 5 Live & Recorded Calls (mp3's for you to keep) ($247)
  • Motivational E-mail and Support (priceless)
  • Unlimited E-mail Support (priceless)
  • Access to Private Facebook group (priceless)
  • Free 30 minute Private Coaching Session with Angela ($97)


Value worth $899 of product and services.


Feel the difference that eating whole real foods will make on your mind and body.


Warning: A major side effect could be weight loss, increased energy and a reduced waistline!


In Less than 30 days, Participants report:

  • Weight Loss
  • Finally fit into those skinny jeans
  • Preparing Whole foods for the first time
  • Lifting of the brain fog
  • Clarity and pursuing of long standing goals
  • Loss of chronic pain
  • No more bloating
  • Clear Glowing Skin
  • Increased Energy
  • Insight into foods that trigger acne, bloating, brain fog
  • Saving Money
  • Loosing 10+ pounds, I have had people loose up to 20 pounds

All you have to lose are the extra pounds, bloated gut, and puffy skin you've been trying to get rid of!

Get Started Now!



FAQs –

Here is some info about the actual process of the 30 days:


What is it REALLY? What is the process like? What will I be doing that I’m not doing now?

You will have the opportunity to shift both your diet and your mindset over 30 days. It will be all about you learning how to enhance your natural energy through what you eat and what you think.

For 10 of the thirty days you will take on eating a completely alkaline diet, which will allow your body to detox. You will also spend some quality time with you – being kind, and loving who you are.

Then, you’ll make choices, based on your experience, around how you want to eat in the future. And make a commitment to yourself for your future health.

There are 5 Live & Recorded (Mp3 yours to keep)

You will have unlimited E-mail access to me.


How much time will it take?

  •  15 to 30 minutes each day for journaling and, or, self-reflection.
  • 1 hour for group phone calls.
  • As much time as you like on the private Facebook page.
  • Time for shopping & prepping food – I will talk about shortcuts for food prep on our 1st phone call. Generally I do not spend more than 30 minutes on food prep per day!


How will I feel?

You will feel fine the first week.

The Second week you may feel a little low-energy as your body detoxes from processed food, sugar and alcohol. Or, you may feel totally lit up!

Detox symptoms vary and are different for each person.

Don’t worry – I’ll be there for you. 

By the third and fourth weeks you will feel fantastic!


Get back in touch with what healthy feels like.

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>If you have any questions or would like to schedule time to discuss if this is right for you, we can schedule a 30 minute Energy Jumpstart session.